Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In Love with Maine

It's been hard to come up for air.  Or I should say leave the fresh beautiful air to blog.  Sorry, those of you who have been checking.  I have been staying in a B&B called Pilgrim's Inn for the last three nights on Deer Isle, ME, and am in love.  It has been picture perfect weather and the sights of harbors around every corner are breathtaking.  Let me fill you in on what has happened since I last wrote.

Remember I was going to visit Bee's Yarn and Candy Store in Baw Hawbaw?  I did, and found out that Bee was actually the Mr. B. who started the store in the 20's, selling candy, stationary and pens, and whatever people needed.  The currant owner began stocking yarn when the other existing yarn store in, ok, Bar Harbor, closed.  They have cool candy

Remember rock candy?  They have sea rocks and pebbles and all sorts.   And they have a nice selection of yarn.

I have been fortunate to have mostly great weather.  Here are some pics of my camping trip.

 The tent's first trip! I actually managed to pitch it by myself.

 The stove makes very good coffee, and lights like magic.  Better than the one at home.
 I used the "tech connect garage" to zip up my stuff when I was gone and at night.  Very nice.

 Mmmm, Maine Lobstah

 The kayak finally gets wet!!!  It's about time!  I paddled out against the wind and figured coming back would be a breeze.  It was a gale.  Whitecaps and all.  of course, blowing against me.  I got quite the workout.  But it was great.

Keep paddling, Girl.  Don't stop or you will definitely go backwards.

When I left Acadia Park last Friday, in the rain, of course (it only rains here when I am pitching or breaking camp), I drove to Bartlett Yarn Mill, which is a 2 or 3 hour drive inland.  Harmony Maine is a smaller than small town off the beaten path and definitely out of the iphone reception area.  And let me tell you, paper maps don't even show anything except a miniscule dot.  Found the Mill, which was having its annual open house, and enjoyed the tour.

It's been around since 1821 and houses the oldest working spinning mule in the U.S.  All the equipment is old but extremely functional and they put out a large volume of lovely wools.  Naturally, I had to have some.

Farmers (or are they ranchers?) deliver fleece.  Some of their lambs go to Whole Foods.  The fleece goes away to be cleaned and dyed, then comes back.  

 It's dusted

 And carded, and the 16 colors are mixed to become many more.

And spun on to bobbins (these machines are so fun to watch)

 And twisted

And plied, then put on spools or in skeins.  Some of it goes to sweater mills nearby, to be turned into sweaters, for Japan, for example.  

Then you can buy it!!!

So the next part wasn't so fun.  First, getting out of Harmony without a decent map.  Maybe that was my ignorance.  Driving into Bangor to find a motel, I encountered a million people at the only restaurant on hotel row, but at least they had a bar where I could eat.  Then, I spent an hour and a half in the car, with the sun getting mighty low, looking for a place to rest my weary head.  Turns out Miranda Lambert (who woulda thought) is way popular.  Way.  Hotels for 60 miles + were sold out and had folks calling for rooms.  Finally a B&B turned me on to a little cottage motel about a half an hour in the right direction and I got to lay that head down.  

Next day, Blue Hill and String Theory Yarn.  This was a Saturday and they were having a knit in on the back porch of the lovely old house.  The warm and lovely Tanis, one of the owners, and I discussed living in Maine, where I know I could get some knitting done in the winter.  They dye their yarn themselves, and it is truly yummy.  Unusual color combinations, and I had trouble containing myself. 

I am pretty sure I need to stop in today on my way back north from Deer Isle to get that sock yarn.  

It's about check out time.  I'm off to Camden, where there is a state park overlooking the water that I will check out for camping.  I'll either camp there or find a place in town for the night and do some exploring.  And it is time to make the big decision - do I head back south from here, or spend some more time (and money) and keep heading north?  I'm having a hard time with that one.  Any opinions?

Oh, and just one more thing.  My souvenir from Deer Isle, which is an artists' colony:

Nice, huh?

If I am not in the woods, or the weeds, I'll get back to you tomorrow.  Cheers, folks.

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  1. Bees Yarn and Candy!
    The candy looks so yummy and that blue wool sweater in the pic is gorgeous! The mill pic pics are great. It's interesting to see the work that goes in to making the final product! Glad the kayak finally got wet and your tent setup and camping gear is SO cool! All the comforts of home...well, almost. Love the pics...keep em coming! Be safe...*hugs*