Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Bit of a Detour

Hello again.  Last time I surfaced, I was headed for Peaks of Otter Park.  I did go there on Saturday, toured around, and saw that the "lake" was more of a big pond and the campsite was pretty gloomy.  So, I decided to continue the trip north, toward Acadia National Park in Maine.  After spending the night in W. Virginia, I hit the road Monday morning, and then my daughter called.  She told me that the previously planned mid August visit to Ithaca NY wasn't such a good time due to their band's tour; could I come sooner?  Like in 5 hours, I asked?  For that's how far from Ithaca I was, according to my iphone map (which I love love love. It has served me well on this trip.)  So -- a great few days in NY.  Hiking, eating, stowing wood for the winter, visiting a goat cheese dairy.  Lots of fun, sorry, no pics.  Then unexpectedly I found a campsite in Seawall Campground in Acadia, for Friday, and left early Thursday for a 12 hour drive.  Drove through the day, and got to Acadia by noon on Friday, in a daylong downpour.  Cats and dogs, I tell you.  I checked into the campground, then hightailed it to Bar Harbor, where I found a great room (I know, I know, wussy girl) for the night and tooled around Bar Harbor, a charming little tourist town, in the unceasing rain.  I know, I know, please shut up.  I could have set up my tent in the rain and eaten cold food and stayed in the tent but, no.  I had better things to do.  Ate a delicious lobster mac and cheese last night, too.  I stand by my decision.  This morning I will go visit the local yarn and candy store, Bees, and report on that next time I'm around wi-fi.  Then go pitch my tent on this lovely dry morning.  Keep in touch, everyone.


  1. I support your decision to stay in a hotel and enjoy lobster Mac and a warm bed!

  2. Much respect! I hope you're having the time of your life!
    Love and hugs!