Monday, August 19, 2013

Now is the Time for Knitters

Hello again, and to those friends and family who have been following for the Road content of my posts, I must tell you that we are now entering the Yarns part, so if you aren't a knitter or fiber fiend, you may lose interest immediately.  I do plan to travel to the Northwest in early October, however, and hope to turn that trip into another Adventure.  In the meantime, I'll focus on knitterly things and places, both in my fair city and the internet world.

First, about Comments.  I think I fixed the problem and anyone should be able to comment now.  Please let me know if you have trouble.  You can email me at if you can't post a comment so I will know.  Thanks for your help.

Next, my new bag!!!  I want to take it with me everywhere, because it's so beautiful.  I bought it at Casco Bay Fibers in Freeport ME (for a reasonable price, I might add), even though I have too many bags to begin with.  It's made by Reisenthel, a German company and maker of some attractive carryall bags.  Here ya go:

 It's Bright!  This is called a Special Beach Edition

Has pockets all around the inside!! (see my iPad?) Who doesn't love pockets??

Opens with a wide mouth and stands on four little feet

It's well made with lovely canvas and zips closed to a nice satchel shape

 And comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Wow, I feel like an advertisement, but unfortunately, no one is paying for my endorsement.  I just love that bag.  Have satchel, will travel.

Next up, Today's Utterly Mind-Bending Tip, my new feature.  Yes, some of you will nod with ennui as you read things that you've known forever or that perhaps you yourself have published or taught.  I could even have learned it from you.  I am not here to claim that these Tips are original; and sadly, probably can never credit most of those folks who taught them to me, because I will admit I have read and studied everything I could about knitting since discovering Knitting Without Tears in a bookstore at a young  and tender age.  It all melds up there in my brain and in my hands, and becomes mine, just as I'm certain happens to you.  But there are some (incredibly simple) things that I believe have impacted meaningfully how I knit or see my knitting, and I'd like to share them.  It would be great if you do the same in the comments section, and together maybe we can help some newer knitters find the Zen in knitting.

OK, so now I feel really dumb, because this is the simplest tip ever, and I should have figured it out long ago.  At the risk of being ridiculed, here it is.  (Luckily I probably have too few readers at this point to be laughed out of town.)  It took me too many years to admit to realize that it isn't the size of the cast on needle but the distance between the cast on stitches that makes an edge loose or tight.  Duh.  In other words, you can easily cast on stitches with long tail cast on and control how much give the edge has.  After each cast on stitch, spread the yarn out between the stitches to a uniform length with your finger and then cast on the next stitch.  I'm in the process of trying to make a video.  If I succeed I'll post it here.  Another learning curve to climb, but I'm ready to do it.  Funny, when I looked for bulky yarn to demonstrate with, I realized that I only have lace weight to dk.  I guess that's why my big needles never get a work out.  

Speaking of needles, stay tuned for my experiences with Kit Picks Karbonz.  

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