Saturday, July 20, 2013

Road Noise

Written Friday PM:
I am in Asheville, North Carolina, and have had an eventful 2 days since I left yesterday.  Yesterday was tense.  I was a little nervous about carrying a kayak on top.  Would it fall off?  Would it land on the car behind me?  But what I did not expect was the road noise.  The tie-downs, flat straps with ratchets, thrummed like a jet engine all the way.  I tried ear plugs, tried putting my headphones on, and still they hummed with a deafening roar.  In Montgomery I stopped at a Lowes and bought pipe insulation, thinking that if I wrapped the flat tie downs they wouldn't vibrate like reeds in the wind and make loud discordant music.  I wrapped the longest one and headed on, but to no avail.  The anxiety that resulted made my trip miserable, I have to admit.  By the time I reached Atlanta Thursday night, tired, I felt like the noise might reverberate in my head forever, or at least impair my hearing indelibly.  This morning I got up and put more insulation over the short parts of the tie downs, which were about 8 inches in length in the front and back of the kayak.  Huzzah!  The noise went away completely!!!!  I am resourceful!  I solved a problem!  I am capable!

Asheville.  Crowded.  Most people seem to smoke on the streets.  Men with gray ponytails doing the drum circle in the square.

In fact, many men with gray ponytails everywhere.  And LOTS of tourists. Hmmm.  Maybe not the best time to be here, but tomorrow I'll go to the Southern Highlands Crafts Fair.  And a store with locally sourced yarn.  Then, head on up toward Maine.  I am looking forward to fewer people and more Mother Nature.   Cheers Y'all.

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  1. How lucky you are!
    What an adventure!
    Much respect and admiration!