Sunday, November 17, 2013

In a Spin

[Note to Self:
When traveling, kind of the point of Road Yarns, if you are going to use your camera, you're sure as heck gonna need a computer.  Those durned iPads don't take camera cards. So, Self, either use iPad camera; or phone camera, which can upload to Dropbox; or bring computer.]

Now - yesterday. What happened was what I was afraid would happen. I kind of fell in lust with spinning.  I don't need a new crush.  My stash is too big for competition. Handspun?  I'd need a new room. And my stash would be jealous.  But spinning?  Oh so frustrating. I'm a genuine fiber mangler. The fur flew in my corner yesterday. But I'm going back this morning before class for more 'cos I am compelled, I tell you.  Must spin.

Of course I blame it on Judith MacKenzie, who could spin granulated sugar into a yarn fit for a queen or sand into a fiber strong enough to hold up a bridge if she wanted to. Judith makes it look Easy. Graceful, beautiful. Between her skill and her lovely manner and her ability to explain absolutely everything eloquently, I'm converted and would love to spend time with her just for the person she is. No wonder people in spinning circles go around spouting, "Judith says......"  I did it yesterday. I'll insert the spinning photos here when I get back to my computer later in the week.

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