Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm baaack

Hello fellow Fiber Fiends, it's good to be back. I took some time off to re-evaluate the purpose of Road Yarns. (Actually, I was doing other fun things.) If I only write when I'm on the road, there's a lot of down time. To say the least. And I don't like that. I want to have an ongoing discussion of all things knitterly, not just the traveling kind. But, importantly, traveling to fiber events and places is still the goal, hence the moniker Road Yarns. So, away we go!  I'll keep you abreast of knitting tips both needle and otherwise (Karbonz are up next), books (stay tuned for my take on the Yarn Whisperer), and much more.

But first!!!  I'm in Port Ludlow, Washington for a three day retreat with Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee,  Nancy Bush, and Judith MacKenzie.  I was fortunate to get in and I've been wanting to attend one of these retreats for quite a while. The intimacy of small classes with a group of other knitters is, well, I mean, what's better?  Ok, maybe one or two things, but not many.

So I have been working on this sweater for what seems like weeks to wear (read, show-off) here, going to be the best thing ever, so stunning, what a design, brilliant, you know.... And of course I'm not finished. It's a variegated hand dyed wool from String Theory in Maine.  I love it but by God, it's dark. Takes really good light to work on. So, do I start a sock, or plod on through thick or thin?  Plod on, I think.

Finally, today I have an all day spinning class, lace spinning, to be specific, with Judith MacKenzie. I'm excited and intimidated, as I may be the only non-spinner in the class. I've been told by several knitters that Judith is the best and I do feel lucky to have this opportunity. I've always thought about learning but haven't known how I'd find the time. So this is an opportunity to get my toes wet. I'll let you know how it goes. Off we go

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